Starting an Organic Church - Four Reproducible Steps

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Here is a simple approach to begin a new organic church. This simple approach is not 'easy' but if you follow these steps, a church will emerge. If you apply these principles, please write us and let us know about your experience. You can e-mail me with your experiences.

The following steps are NOT meant to be followed in a prescribed order. These are principles that will more often be layered on top of another. The key is that all of these principles need to be practiced with various people all the time.

Step 1
Spend time with people who may not be Christ followers. Too often, Christians have no social friends who are outside of their church community. We are not talking about people whom you only see at work or school. They may be your friends, but we are talking about people who you would go to a movie with, have over for dinner regularly, go camping with or just go out and grab a cup of coffee or a drink. Being with people who need Jesus is the first step to starting a church.

Step 2
Listen. Take the time to hear the heart of your friends. Have conversations, share your heart, hear their heart and talk about fun things, hard things and simple things. Just being a person's friend is the idea here.

Step 3
Talk about Jesus. Talking about the lover of your soul from the start is the only way to be. Check out Luke 10:2-11 and you'll find that Jesus instructed His disciples to share the Kingdom of God right from the beginning. If your friends don't like you to talk about Jesus, don't bug them about it. Pray for them and ask Jesus what you should do next. Luke 10 gives us a whole bunch of suggestions.

Step 4
Invite yourself to their home to talk about Jesus. Jesus did this all the time. Once he found people who wanted to know more about the Kingdom of God, He would invite Himself to their home to talk about spiritual things. Here are a couple of passages where Jesus invites Himself for dinner; Luke 19:1-10 and Matthew 9:9-13.  You may want to check out the P.O.P. principles when beginning new churches.

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