Organic Evangelism for Everyone

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"Follow Me and I will make you become fishers of men." Mark 1:17

The principle of being actively involved in bringing people into the Kingdom is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. Here are four simple yet powerful truths that will give you the confidence you need to share the truth of Jesus with 100% success every time.

Four principles to remember when you share your faith:

1. You have the AUTHORITY of God (Matthew 28:16-20).
In this passage we find Jesus stating that He has all authority on heaven and on earth. He also states that He is with us always, even until the end of the age. Therefore we should learn that Jesus, who has all authority in heaven and on earth, resides/abides in us and sends us out with that authority to spread the good news of His kingdom. When you share the truth of Jesus you share it with Jesus' authority!

2. You have the POWER of God (Acts 1:8).
Jesus promises his followers for all time to have the power of the Holy Spirit upon them to be His witnesses in all the world. According to Acts 1:8, one purpose for receiving the Holy Spirit is so that we have this God strength power every time we talk about Jesus with people. Every time we share our faith with someone, the Holy Spirit makes sure the message communicates to the need of the hearer. Remember that God is always responsible for the results of your sharing truth with people. You are not responsible for the response of people you share with.

3. You have the MIND of God (1 Corinthians 2:16).
This is a straight forward passage that teaches us that believers have the mind of Christ. The whole of 1 Corinthians 2 has to do with evangelism. A careful study of this chapter will prove to be very encouraging to your sharing Christ with people. You will find that the feelings you have when you talk about Jesus to others was experienced by the Apostle Paul as well. Every time you share your faith, you are doing so with the mind of Jesus guiding you. How wonderful is that?

4. You have the WORDS of God (Matthew 10:16-20, Mark 13:9-11, Luke 21:12-14).
These are some of the most powerful passages in the Scriptures. They give us some wonderful and powerful promises that are intended to take away any amount of fear or uncertainty that we have regarding sharing Jesus with people. Jesus promises us the following things in this passage - study them for even deeper truths...

Don't Worry about what to say, or how to say it when sharing Jesus.
The reason we are not to worry is that Jesus and the Holy Spirit give us the exact words to speak at the proper moment.
Jesus doesn't promise the words to say until the time we need them. This will cause us to depend upon Him in evangelism.
Jesus teaches us that it is not us speaking, but the Spirit of God speaking through us.
Jesus teaches us that none of our adversaries will be able to contradict us or refute us. Pretty cool.
Practice these truths and watch what Jesus does for His Kingdom building pleasure...He wants to use you!

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