Our Common Values

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Structure: Simple over Sophisticated
By doing church in simple forms, the common believer can reproduce it over and over and over again.
Relationships: Community over Comfort
We desire deep and authentic community that may be risky and take time to develop but will bring a deeper meaning to our lives.
Purpose: Outward over Inward
Our lives are not about ourselves, they are to be focused outward at God, people and the world.
Leadership: Serving over Being Served
True leadership is about serving others and looking out for their best interests.
Evangelism: Conversations over Coercion
Capturing the opportunities of having conversations about Christ with friends and strangers is a focus, privilege and responsibility of every believer.
Resources: Ministry over Money
The giving of ourselves in all areas of life will create deep wells of resources for ministry.
Power: Spirit over Self
Seeking the Spirit’s leading and power in all areas of life and ministry should be our source of power.